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The extracurricular programmes offered by PGA prepare students to be future leaders.

Public Speech

Community Service


Arts and Culture

Health and Wellbeing

School-Led Clubs

These clubs provide students with leadership, group learning, and peer mentoring opportunities, supported by teachers and administrators. 

Runner From Above
  • Experience the values of collaboration

  • Build connections with students around the world

  • Inspires students to do their best – not just good enough

  • Prepare for real-world: Critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving

Public Speaker

Through PGA public speech clubs, learn how to share your ideas and get messages across effectively, in a way that connects with your audience.

Teachers' Day

PGA connects students with master artists, writers, and tutors to let them take part in arts and culture activities.

Students on Campus

Resources and support will be provided to our students to keep their well-being, including mental and emotional well-being, social well-being, physical well-being and spiritual well-being.



Master Classes

Health and Well-Being

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