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International A-Level

Chosen by students from over 80 countries
Designed for international students
Opens the doors to the world's best universities


Why Choose International A-Level?

Bank robust and ongoing evidence of performance with the modular approach

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Integrated transferable skills to support progress

Jeweler Tools

Multiple exam opportunities throughout the year

Students Taking Exams

Available for 12 Subjects in PGA

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International Curriculum Programme

Ages 15-17

Year 12-13

Developing Soft Skills for Learning and Work

All our specifications have accompanying skills mapping and transferable skills definitions for every subject.

interpersonal skills-1.jpg
Interpersonal skills

Teamwork and collaboration  Communication


 Empathy / perspective-taking  Leadership

cognitive skills-1.jpg
​Cognitive skills

Critical thinkings



Decision making


continuous learning-2.jpg
Intrapersonal skills


Continuous learning

Intellectual curiosity

Work ethic (e.g. initiative)


Students and Parents Support

Trackable learning reports make learning more visible!

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Detailed Individual Report


Skills Map Report

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Worldwide Students Academic Evaluation

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Free access to numorous studying resources


Personalized study plan advise

Enrol to claim the FREE assessment now!

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