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Group Discussion

Who are we?

Pinnacle Global Academy (PGA) is the first online independent school (ID: 3620) in New Zealand to offer the Pearson Edexcel International Curriculum, including Primary, Pre-IGCSE, International GCSE (IGCSE), and International A Level (IAL) programmes. Students aged 5-17 can experience seamless pathways through their schooling and can apply to top universities around the world.

​Supported by expert online teaching and learning as well as Pearson Edexcel's high quality resources, PGA promotes excellence in education and provides students worldwide with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Why Choose PGA?
We are the first school that provides the Early Year, Primary, Intermediate, and pre-IGCSE courses adopted from Edexcel in the South Pacific area. Your children can experience the world-class curriculum, teachers, and communicate with classmates from all around the world. 

What’s the curriculum in PGA? 

The curriculum is from Pearson Edexcel, the international curriculum recognized globally. You can have the certificate from the UK if you finish all the courses in primary or lower secondary. It would be convenient if you have plans to study abroad or you want to let your children find their position globally. 

What course does PGA offer?

PGA provides international curriculum programs including pre-school, iPrimaryPre-GCSE and international GCSE. We also provide a variety of competition preparation courses and holiday short term courses. Please check the detailed information on each program here.


Is the course flexible?

PGA provides flexible enrolment options, full-time and part-time, students can join the program based on their ability and schedule. 

The full-time and part-time programs are both one-year programs in each subject, the difference between them is the academic hours of one year. The part-time program (60 academic hours) is half of the full-time program (120 academic hours).

Depends on how much time your children could spend on the course and assessments. Our subject advisor will offer you the report of academic performance and study plan in PGA.  

How many students are there in one class?

We have several types of classes, small group classes (3-8 students), one one one and one on two classes also available now, but spaces are limited.

How to become a PGA student?

There are 4 easy steps to join PGA: 

1. Meet with an Admissions Advisor 

Discuss your classes, subjects' choices and ask any additional questions you have about PGA. 

2. Complete Admissions Testing 

Complete the whole 4 subjects admissions tests. The year level is based on your ability. 

3. Study report and plan 

Once admissions tests are completed, we’ll review your result and provide the study plan to confirm your subject choices. 


4. Confirm your Enrolment 

Submit a finalised enrolment form and any required paperwork. Once confirmed, we’ll officially welcome you to PGA and get you set up, ready to begin class. Click here to register online!

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