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Striving for Excellence

Delivering high-quality education that supports students in

- finding their fulfilment

- adapting to challenges

- reaching their full potential

Laying the foundation for future success!

Pinnacle Global Academy (PGA) is an accredited British curriculum online independent school that delivers globally recognized Pearson Edexcel international Primary and Pre-GCSE, International GCSE and International A-level curriculum for 5-17 year old students.

We inspire and empower our students to achieve their potential and strive their excellence in academic achievement through our high-quality online education that prepares them for the future.   

Academic Pathway at PGA

At PGA, we use the curricula most commonly studied and recognised around the world. These are based on the UK high school education system with an international approach. The qualifications include Primary, Pre-IGCSE, International GCSE (IG), and International Advanced level (IAL), and deliver a consistent learning journey for our students, anywhere in the world.


Professional Teachers




Class Hours

PGA Competitive Edge

Pinnacle Global Academy offers an internationally recognized, high-quality curriculum aligned to the British Educational System to help students prepare their pathway to the future.

Powered Online School

We provide flexible learning packages that students can start from their level based on their own pace. They can join virtual classes from anywhere in the world. Students can join the part-time courses or study full-time with us.  

Personalized Learning

All our teachers are registered and qualified. Students can talk to educational experts in specific areas to support them in approving their academic achievement.  

Professional Teachers

Edexcel Achievement Tests and all competition certificates help check students' progress and provide international benchmarking.

Combines detailed individual reports and skills map reports for students to provide personal academic evaluations around at every stage of learning.

Worldwide Recognized Certificate

Accurate Learning Report

We provide virtual, interactive classes for students. Students can talk to professional and registered teachers and share thoughts with classmates from all over the world. 

Global Classroom

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