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Terms and Conditions

Student Rules and Regulations

  1. Study hard and complete class and homework on time.

  2. Respect teachers, be friendly to classmates, don't scold others, don't fight, and be civilized and polite.

  3. Don't be late or leave early, ask for leave if you have emergency.

  4. Listen carefully during the class, raise your hand first when speaking, and no jokes, snacks, or drinks in the classroom; you must not leave the classroom without the teacher's permission.

  5. Chinese (Mandarin) must be spoken in the Chinese classroom, and not in English or local dialects of China.

  6. We must pay attention to safety during the break, and we are not allowed to play outside the school, and we are not allowed to do dangerous games and actions.

  7. Take good care of school property and do not disturb classroom items, such as damaging the school property, shall be compensated.

  8. Don't throw dirt around, keep the classroom clean.

  9. It is strictly forbidden to buy lunch and snacks in off-campus shops. The school shall not be responsible for any accidents.

  10. After school, you must wait for the parents to pick you up and leave the school. You are not allowed to leave the school without permission.

Safety Rules

  1. These regulations are specially formulated to maintain the normal teaching order and hygienic environment of the school and to ensure the safety and health of students during their studies at the school.

  2. Students are not allowed to chase and run around on campus and in classrooms, and climb up windows. It is forbidden to play in corridors and classrooms, throw litter, and throw stones, sticks, and other dangerous actions are strictly prohibited.

  3. Without the permission of the teacher, students are not allowed to leave the school. It is strictly forbidden to go out to play games, shop, wait for others, or go home privately.

  4. Take good care of the public belongings in the classroom, and damages should be compensated.

  5. Parents should be careful when driving through the campus. Do not park your car on the road to indirect students. If the student is picked up in advance, the school must be notified in writing.

  6. Parents need to authorize the school to take first aid measures for students who have an accident. If the parent's contact phone number changes, please notify the school in time.

  7. students should not bring valuables to the school; otherwise, if they are lost, they will bear the responsibility.

  8. The school shall not be responsible for any adverse consequences caused by non-compliance with these regulations. Repeat offenders or those who cause serious consequences, shall be drop out.

Student Reward and Punishment Rules

First, all students who are registered in Pinnacle Academy of New Zealand and meet the following conditions will receive the awards issued by the school:

1. Comply with school rules, respect teachers and friends, be civilized, polite and discipline;

2. The test scores of all courses throughout the year are above 95 points;

3. Do not be late or leave early, actively participate in class discussions and speeches;

4. Complete the classroom and homework assignments arranged by the teacher on time with excellent results;

5. Study in our school for a long time, and the learning progress is remarkable.

Second, incentive method:

1. Anyone who meets the above conditions within this school year will receive the school's annual "Excellent Student Award" and receive medals and prizes at the medal award ceremony;

2. Those who basically meet the above conditions or have outstanding performance in a certain area within this school year can receive individual awards and prizes;

3. The school can also arrange other rewards according to the actual situation of the year, such as studying in China or other countries and regions, visiting and so on.

Third, for students who seriously violate school rules and regulations, the school will warn them or advise them to withdraw from school.

Fourth, the school selects outstanding students every academic year, nominated by the class teacher, and implemented after the principal approves.

Payment & Refund Policy

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before deciding to register to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles in terms of fees during the course. This version will be effective on July 16 2022.


About charges


  1. Payment methods:

(1) Pearson Edexcel academic courses (mathematics, English, science, computing)

* Charged items: application fee, administrative fee, assessment fee, tuition fee, teaching resources and materials fee.

* Fee Payment Methods

   Full-time payment method

   Part-time payment method


(2) Chinese language course

*Pay per semester

* One-time payment of half-year tuition (2 semesters, 40 hours), 5% discount

* One-time payment of tuition for the whole year (76-80 hours), 10% discount


(3) Competitions and holiday programs 

*Pre-test assessment

*Course fee

*Test fee

*Training fee before competitions

*On-site coaching fee


2.Tuition payment time:

Please make payment within 3 days after confirming the class. The student can start the class after payment, which is according to the actual amount received. 

Delayed payment processing:

If you need to delay payment or installment payment for some reason, please inform the regional manager of each campus, and notice finance director by email ( in time to make sure you obtain permission to do so. If the payment is delayed without the prior written consent of the school, including the consent of the email, our school reserves the right to charge more than 10% of the total amount of tuition fees and other fees from the third week of school terms as a delayed payment and administrative costs. 


3. Invoice:

After payment, the school finance director will provide invoice & receipt by email.


4. Payment Information:

Bank transfer: students in each campus are required to pay to the bank account of the corresponding campus. The account name and account information are as follows:

Account Bank: ANZ Bank

Account name: Pinnacle Education Group

*Online campus: assessment, competition, short course and various activities 

Account number: 06-0241-0684634-00

*Central campus: Epsom

Account number: 06-0241-0684634-01

*North Shore: Albany

Account: 06-0241-0684634-02

*East campus: Botany

Account: 06-0241-0684634-03

* Reminder: Please indicate the full name and campus of the student in the remarks column (Please make payment with students full name and the campus as reference).


Pay in cash: a, please directly deposit the school account at the bank counter; b, if you pay the regional manager in cash, the administrative service fee will be charged from the minimum amount of $25.00, or 10% of the tuition fee, whichever is a larger amount.


Note: If the number of students is not enough for class is not enough for a class after payment, PGA can provide VIP (1-to-1, 1-to-2 or 1-to-3 small classes) services for students. PGA will adjust the VIP class hours according to the tuition fees paid by the students. Parents can also choose to pay extra fees to maintain the original class hours.  If the number of annual fee students can not reach a normal class size (at least 5 students), they will be invited to join the VIP classes, and pay the difference in tution fees. 


Refund Policy* (The school reserves the right for the final interpretation)

In any event, the school will deal fairly with requests for full or partial refunds:


1.Absence and Makeup


*For students who are unable to attend the normal class due to illness or other reasons, and for those who have already arranged the class time for one-on-one and one to two teaching (VIP classes), and do not inform the school in written form 24 hours in advance, no refund will be given. But students can make up missed lessons from current lessons (same amount) cross-campus and cross-disciplinary. If there are no lessons to make up, the students of online courses can watch course videos. One-on-one, one to two VIP classes do not arrange individual make-up lessons.

Note: Students shall make up missed lessons in the present term. To make up lessons cross-term are not allowed. 


*For students who have already started classes in various competition training classes, tuition fees will not be refunded or made up. For students in one-to-one and one-to-two VIP classes, they must notify the school 24 hours in advance to make adjustments. Otherwise, no refunds or make-up classes will be made. For parents who request refund of one-to-one and one-to-two VIP classes, administration fees ($100.00 per person) will be deducted. If the refund request is made with 48 hours before the class, the fee of one class will be deducted.


2. Chinese language course

Students who suddenly apply for a refund before the end of (in the middle of) the school program may be refunded, but the following guidelines and procedures must be followed:


*If the paid course has not yet started, the school will refund the full tuition fee, but need to deduct the administration fee and assessment fee $75.00 per student.


*For refunds in the middle of the course, parents are required to write an application by email two weeks in advance. The refund amount should be deducted from the course fees already taken by the student, the 2-week buffer period fee (two weeks after submitting the application), and the $75.00 administrative fee. The school will approve and execute the refund application within 5 working days after receiving the refund application.


If the application of annual fee students for withdrawal is made in the first half of the year, and the course has not yet started in the second half of the year, the tuition fee will be refunded but the right to deduct the following fees is reserved:

* There is an administrative fee applying for a refund: $75.00 per student.

* Deduction of tuition fees that have already occurred: when refunding, the above class hours will be calculated according to the original price.

* Deduction of fees already incurred for relevant course components, such as Chinese language miscellaneous fees and resources cost for other academic courses.

* Special fees (if applicable)

* Appropriate proportion of teacher, tutor and support staff remuneration (if applicable).

* Expenses already incurred for the use of facilities and resources.

* Any other expenses already incurred.


If the annual fee application withdrawal occurs in the second half of the year, there will be no refund, unless the following circumstances occur:

* Death of close relatives, serious illness, serious accident.


The specific arrangements and amounts of refunds will be negotiated by school with parents.


3. Edexcel academic courses

Students who suddenly apply for a refund before the end of (in the middle of) the school program may be refunded, but the following guidelines and procedures must be followed:


*If the paid course has not yet started, the school will refund the full tuition fee if you apply for a refund one week before the course starts, but need to deduct the administration fee and assessment fee (academic course $200 per course). If the application is made within one week of course starts but more than 48 hours, the school will deduct the expedited administration fee and assessment fee ($300 per subject). If the application is made within 48 hours before the course starts, the school will deduct the expedited administration fee, assessment fee, and teacher class time occupancy fee ($350 per subject).

* For withdrawal in the middle of the semester: parents are required to submit a written application one month in advance. Once the application is approved, the school will deduct the fee for the buffer period (tuition within one month after the application is submitted), and $400.00 per subject as the administrative fee and the breach of contract fee.

* For students paying instalments, if they withdraw from the course before the start of the next course at the end of the previous period of payment, $400 per course will be deducted as a breach of contract fee。


  • Academic structure changes:

*Scheduling changes are only allowed at the end of the previous semester and before the next semester starts.

* If students want to change their academic structure, they need to apply two weeks before the start of the next semester. After the application is approved, 10% of the remaining tuition fee before the change of academic structure (or the remaining tuition fee for the academic year) shall be deducted (or paid) as the breach of contract fee.

* If the fee for changing the withdrawal system is requested in the middle of the semester, the tuition fee before the change of the semester and 10% of the remaining amount shall be deducted as the breach of contract fee.



*All competition registration fees will not be refunded, and cannot be switched to any other expenses in PGA.

"Refund Procedure"

1. Communicate with the teacher who is in charge of the course;

2. Please send the refund request to

* Provide student registration name in English, e.g.: Ninja Zhang Refund Application

* Briefly describe the reason for the refund

* Parents provide refund bank account information, including bank name, account name and bank.


Note: All refunds will be returned to the parent’s account, not directly to the student.

*PGA reserves the right of final interpretation.

If a student is expelled in violation of the school's rules and regulations, the school will not refund tuition and administrative fees.

Photographic Authorisation

For all under 18-year-olds and their parents/guardians who registered the event/class/course on behalf of your child that you agree to give the following rights to Pinnacle Global Academy: 
1. to photograph, film, or video-record me and/or my child/ children; and
2. to make sound and voice recordings of me and/or my child/ children.
These may be used now and in the future in any way that may be required. These reproductions or representations may appear as still camera photography and/or video images
Examples of uses include (but are not limited to) transmission in any manner and/or digital release, publication on the internet including social media, in promotional and educational material in a public exhibition or made available to researcher partners, both in New Zealand and overseas.


Please note when you tick the box to accept the terms and conditions on each registration form that means you agree to the terms listed above. 

If you have any questions about all the terms and conditions please contact us via email:

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