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Why Choose PGA Humanities?

Globally recognized and ensures a consistent progression.

Qualifications for ages 3-17, seamless progression to further study, including A-Level and beyond.

Progression to further study

Provides free online in-depth mock and actual exam performance analysis. Students can learn about their mistakes and rectify them.

Detailed exam analysis

A digital version of the student books and studying resources can be accessed online, anytime, anywhere.

Wild range of resources

Seamless Learning Journey

Ages 5-11
Year 1-6

Age 11-14
Year 7-10

International GCSE
Ages 14-15
Year 11

International A Level
Ages 15-17
Year 12-13



Global Citizenship

Topics covered

● Social Justice and Equality 

Justice and injustice 

Wealth and poverty in society  

● Identity and Diversity

Who am I? 

Humankind: all equal; all different 

● Globalisation and Interdependence  

People and places around the world 

Global trade, ethics, production and consumption  

● Peace and Conflict 

Conflicts in the community 

Resolving conflicts peacefully 

● Human Rights 

Understanding rights 

Refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people 

● Power and Governance

Good governance 

Participation and inclusion 

● Sustainable Development

Connecting with nature 

The future of our planet



Global Citizenship


Topics covered


● Social Justice and Equality 

Equality of opportunity

Challenging injustice

Challenging prejudice and discrimination

● Identity and Diversity

Humankind: all equal; all different 

Challenging prejudice and discrimination

● Globalisation and Interdependence  

Global wealth and poverty

Information, technology and communication

Global health, food and well-being

● Peace and Conflict 

Conflicts around the world

Resolving conflicts peacefully

● Human Rights 

Violation of rights

Human rights defenders

● Power and Governance

Good governance 

Participation and inclusion 

● Sustainable Development

Climate change


● Accounting

● Business

● Economics


● The accounting environment

Introduction to bookkeeping

Introduction to control processes. 

● The preparation of financial statements

● Accounting for end of period adjustments. 


● Business activity and influences on business

● People in business

● Business finance

● Marketing

● Business operations


● The market system

● Business economics

● Government and the economy

● The global economy


● Accounting

● Business/ Business studies

● Business Studies

● Economics

● Psychology


● Principles of accounting and double entry bookkeeping

● Control procedures

● Financial statements of organisations

● Introduction to costing

● Analysis of accounting statements

● Social and ethical accounting. 

Business/Business studies

● Business enterprise

● Business structures and processes

● Strategic business decisions

● Business in a global context


● Consumer behaviour and demand

● Price determination

● Market failure

● Government intervention in marktets


● Social Psychology

● Cognitive psychology

● Biological psychology

Learning theories and development


● Understand the equality of different forms of diversity such as ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religion.

● Know about some Diversity Champions who have made a stand in challenging prejudice and discrimination.

● Know that dishonesty and cheating are forms of injustice.

● Understand that some people have unmet needs and appreciate the value of a society in which everyone has their needs met.

● Be able and willing to seek out and learn from people who have different perspectives.

● Understand the importance of water for life.

● Appreciate own contribution to climate change and a determination to become part of the solution.

● Develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication. 

● Uses a blend of print and digital resources and a wealth of teaching support to bring topics to life and to enable students to explore important global issues 

● Core topics are covered throughout our Primary and Pre- IGCSE 

programmes. Each topic is handled in a sensitive, age-appropriate way with plenty of opportunities to fuel discussion and deepen learning.

● Understand the nature and purpose of accounting in business and organisations, and the principles on which accounting is based

● Understand the use of accounting as an aid to business decision making

develop an interest in and enthusiasm for the study of business

● Develop an understanding of business concepts, business terminology,  business objectives and the integrated nature of the business activity 

● Develop an understanding of economic concepts

● Understand economic issues, problems and possible solutions that affect mixed economies • participate effectively in society as citizens, producers and consumers. 

● An understanding of the importance of effective accounting information systems and an awareness of their limitations through a critical consideration of current financial issues and modern business practices

● An appreciation of the effects of economic, legal, ethical, social, environmental and technological influences on accounting decisions 

● Understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives

● Generate enterprising and creative approaches to business opportunities, problems  and issues 

● Develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of psychology and how they relate to each other 

What PGA offers

Foundtions for success

1. Provide a structure and progression ensuring all objectives are covered and learning progresses in a clear and supportive way;

2. Provide confidence and support for students of all levels of progress tests and workbook;

3. Provide a huge range of options for students, regardless of the resourcing of their setting.

Trackable Learning Progress

PGA provides materials and supports every step of the way so teachers and parents can track students’ progress.


ResultsPlus provides the most detailed analysis available for students' exam performance. It can help students to identify topics and skills where they could benefit from further learning. 

Worldwide Recognition Qualification

1. Pearson Edexcel International Award for Primary


2. Pearson Edexcel International Award for Pre-IGCSE

3. Pearson Edexcel International Award for International GCSE


4. Pearson Edexcel International Award for International A Level

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