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STEAM education - How to maximize the use of picture books for learning?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Renowned American author Helaine Becker tells you the answer in webinar!

Pinnacle Academy will be hosting a webinar for the Picture Book on October 16, 10:00 am.

Pinnacle Academy has created "STEAM - Picture Book", a programme for children up to age 7. Before the age of 7, children explore the world in a random, intuitive way. We hope to use Picture Book to develop children's willingness to take risks, try new things, and solve problems in creative ways.

Pinnacle Academy is dedicated to the research and application of STEAM education, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The STEAM curriculum is an interdisciplinary education that bridges disciplines and knowledge through a practical learning approach that integrates through all fields.

Picture Books are homeschool reading books, which further develop student potential. For example, adequate visual stimulation (Art), storytelling (Art), coupled with text reading (Art), and the combination of different fields of knowledge (Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering) all make picture books essential early STEAM material.

Thus, the STEAM concept is a perfect match for early education. It allows children to absorb knowledge from different fields through reading and hands-on activities at the optimal time of brain development, invoking synapses and activating other brain regions, thus gaining intellectual extension.

This webinar will teach how Picture Books can be integrated with other subjects for STEAM education and help young children develop their abilities and character.

We invited Helaine Becker, a famous American picture book author, to moderator this webinar.

Helaine Becker is a New York bestselling author of more than 90 books. She is the recipient of numerous Silver Birch Awards and Picture Book of the Year Awards. In addition to writing, she is actively involved in education and has extensive experience in the classroom, teaching at Cambridge Libraries, Carleton Place Public Library, and more.

The following is part of Helaine Becker's representative book display:

Welcome to join the webinar! Scan the QR code to get a link to your free webinar tickets with your registration information!

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