Global infinite certification

Prepare students for International GCSEs and beyond

Accelerate their academic skills

Consistent learning journey

Ages 12-14

A complete programme for children taking English, Mathematics, Science, Computing.

Prepare their foundation for core courses of International GCSE.

Solving Math Problem


The curriculum is designed to ensure that key Mathematics skills are properly embedded and that students are secure in their understanding of the concepts needed to be strong mathematicians.

Students in a Science Class


Scientific enquiry is embedded within the other three strands and students are encouraged to take an engaged and investigative approach to their learning.

Computer Programming


It has been developed in conjunction with leading education and industry experts to ensure that the skills learned at primary and lower secondary levels prepare students for International GCSE and beyond.



It provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to access the wider curriculum and gives an excellent foundation for either first or second language International GCSEs from Year 10.

Global infinite certification

Measure students’ learning with built-in internal Progress Tests and Edexcel Achievement Tests, internationally benchmarked Achievement Tests.

Progress Tests

Progress Tests are included for every topic (in Science) or half term (in Mathematics, English, Computing and Early Years), as well as a full, summative end-of-year test for each year group in the programme to check the learning of students at the end of each key stage.

Edexcel Achievement Tests

Edexcel Achievement Tests are assessments that are externally administered and marked by Pearson Edexcel, and are available at the end of primary (in Year 6 / age 11). This provides a qualification that is internationally benchmarked against students around the world.

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World-Renowned Resources

Make a fun and engageable learning journey! 

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English Tool

Providing 11–14 literacy skills for students to become confident, self-motivated learners.

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Maths Tool

Creating confident and numerate students, ready for International GCSE (9–1).

pre-gcse science.png

Science Tool

Inspiring 11–14 science with seamless progression to Pearson Edexcel International GCSE.

Students and Parents Support

Trackable learning reports make learning more visible!

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Detailed Individual Report


Skills Map Report

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Worldwide Students Academic Evaluation

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Personalized study plan advise

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