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TEDx Public Speech Holiday Club (2022 Term 3)

Becoming a better speaker

Learn how to share your ideas and get messages across effectively, in a way that connects with your audience---communicating with competitions prize owner

- Plan and organize ideas effectively

- Design the structure and content for your speech

- Make good use of your tone

- Use different sentence starters

- Interact with others in a fun and entertaining way

- Learn the differences between informative and persuasive speaking

- Share opinions about current events

Course Scheme

  • Make your idea stick: how to create a topic you will share

  • Design the structure and content: Outline your structure and content

  • Amplifying your storytelling: Give the outline spirit

  • Speaking with confidence: your tone, and gesture is the atmosphere

Tutor Introduction


English Teacher in PGA

Registration is now OPEN, please contact your mentor. Time schedule will release at the end of September.