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Science Class


Why choose PGA Science?

Globally recognized and ensures a consistent progression.

Qualification for ages 5-17, seamless progression to further study, including A-Level and beyond.

Progression to further study

Provides free online in-depth mock and actual exam performance analysis. Students can learn about their mistakes and rectify them.

Detailed exam analysis

A digital version of the student books and study resources can be accessed online, anytime, anywhere.

Wild range of resources




Seamless Learning Journey

What PGA Offers

Foundtions for success

1. Provide a structure and progression ensuring all objectives are covered and learning progresses in a clear and supportive way;

2. Provide confidence and support for students of all levels of progress tests and workbook;

3. Provide a huge range of options for students, regardless of the resourcing of their setting.

Trackable Learning Progress

PGA provides materials and supports every step of the way so teachers and parents can track students’ progress.


ResultsPlus provides the most detailed analysis available for students' exam performance. It can help students to identify topics and skills where they could benefit from further learning. 

Worldwide Recognition Qualification

1. Pearson Edexcel International Award for Primary

2. Pearson Edexcel International Award for Pre-IGCSE

3. Pearson Edexcel International Award for International GCSE

4. Pearson Edexcel International Award for International A Level

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