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Act Fast! Join UKJMC before April 19th!


The UK Junior Mathematical Challenge (UKJMC) is a chance for you to dive into the world of math puzzles and problem-solving. But hurry! Registration ends on April 19th. Don't miss out on the fun and excitement!


Challenge Overview:

UKJMC caters to students in Year 8 and below, offering a diverse range of topics to ponder. From geometry to logic, participants engage with intriguing problems designed to stimulate their mathematical thinking. Calculators are NOT permitted, encouraging reliance on mental prowess and creativity.

Scoring and Recognition:

In UKJMC, every correct answer earns points, with questions progressively challenging participants. Crucially, there's no penalty for wrong responses, fostering a culture of risk-taking and learning. Top achievers receive Bronze, Silver, or Gold certificates.

Advancement and Prestige:

The journey doesn't end with UKJMC. The top-performing participants of UKJMC progress to the Junior Olympiad, a distinguished event that showcases their exceptional mathematical abilities. The high standards set for award thresholds in 2023 underscore the remarkable talent within the competition.


UKJMC isn't merely a competition; it's a celebration of mathematical curiosity and talent. It ignites a passion for problem-solving and lays the foundation for a lifelong love affair with mathematics. So, to all young mathematicians out there, gear up, embrace the challenge, and let your mathematical journey unfold!

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