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Exciting Update of DrCT: Mastering Computational Thinking for Robotics

Big news! We've improved the DrCT competition to welcome newcomers to computational thinking and block programming, while still offering challenges for seasoned pros. Our aim? To get more people involved and make this event even better!

From next year, NJIO will be the new name for DrCT.

Introduction: Preparing for Robotics Adventure

Excited about diving into robotics? Let's talk about a vital step before you take the plunge: computational thinking .

Breaking Down Problems: The Puzzle Approach

Imagine tackling a giant puzzle. That's where computational thinking shines. It's about breaking big problems into smaller, manageable bits—like taking apart a complex machine to understand its workings.

Mastering Programming Basics: Building Blocks of Code

Before you write sentences, learn the alphabet. Computational thinking introduces you to programming fundamentals—loops, conditionals, variables, and functions. They're the ABCs of coding, essential for your robotic journey.

Transitioning Smoothly: From Blocks to Code

Just like training wheels before riding solo, block programming guides you initially. Once you're comfy, text-based coding becomes less daunting. You've got the logic; now, it's about adapting to a new format.

Connecting the Dots: Bringing Subjects Together

Like mixing colours, computational thinking merges disciplines in robotics. Engineering, math, programming, and mechanics blend seamlessly. It's seeing the bigger picture, where ideas transform into real-world innovations.

Conclusion: Ready for Robotic Thrills

Before you embark on your robotic journey, embrace computational thinking. It's not just about coding; it's about problem-solving, creativity, and understanding the world. So, gear up and get ready for the exciting world of robotics!

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