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Fun Math Challenges for Young Minds

Are you a math fan looking for a cool challenge? Check out the First Mathematics Challenge (FMC) and the Primary Mathematics Challenge (PMC)! These fun contests are hosted by the Mathematics Association in the UK and are open to primary school students like you.

The FMC is a great opportunity for New Zealand primary school students in NZ Years 3-5 to start their journey into math competitions.

The PMC is super special because it lets you show off your math skills and creativity. If you do really well, you might even get invited to the Bonus Round in February 2025!

The Bonus Round is like a super fun math party where top students from around the world come together to solve tricky problems and learn new things. It's a great chance to challenge yourself and have a blast!

So, if you love math and want to have some math-tastic fun, join the FMC and the PMC. Who knows? You could be a star at the Bonus Round next February!

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