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SIMOC - The fun competition to gain your knowledge!

Dates: 20-23 July 2024

Closing date of registering: 15 May, 2024

SIMOC consists of three categories (For NZ Years 2 to 13): 

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Math Olympiad Contest (Individual)

MATH OLYMPIAD CONTEST is an individual online test.


The contest consists of 11 differentiated levels: Grades 1 to 11/12 (equivalent to NZ Year 2 to 12/13)

The duration of the contest is 90 minutes, and every paper consists of 25 questions.


The students start with 15 bonus points and the Perfect Score = 85 points.

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SIMOC - syllabus of Math Olympiad Contest.png
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Forming teams

After the individual Math Olympiad round, all students will be divided into 3 different divisions, according to their grade (Year level), to take part in Maths Warriors & Maths Master Mind and Mind Sports Challenge.

At SIMOC 2024, the students will be grouped into a team of 5 and placed into their division by SIMOC organizers. 


Each team will be comprised of a member from a different country and as much as possible a different grade within the same division.


Each student will join 4 partners from different grades and countries to compete in one of 3 divisions.

Lower Division(NZ Year 2-5), Middle Division (NZ Year 6-8) Upper Division(NZ Year 9-13).

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Maths Warriors

What is Maths Warriors?

Math Warriors is a game that tests student’s ability to do mental sums as well as strategic thinking.

There is also an element of luck involved which makes the game even more exciting.

How to play Maths Warriors?

This competition will encourage pupils to play math more often.

It is an excellent opportunity for them to improve their mental math as well as increase their skills in fractions, percentages, probability and definitely strategy.

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Competition Rules

Each player must have one of each of the following dice:

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 7.15.27 PM.png

Total competition time is 90 minutes.


Math Warriors game rule applies in addition to the rules below.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 1.06.13 AM.png

For the team round, each team of 5 competes against an opposing team at each table. They play the best of 3 games to decide the winning team. Points are earned as follows for each game:

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 1.09.16 AM.png

During each match, contestants must announce their operation(s) and attack (Strength or Mind) to capture their opponent's die. If not, opponents can call a Judge for compliance and possible disqualification.

After each attack, players must reroll their dice. If a die is moved accidentally and both players agree on its previous number, it can be restored. If not, it must be rerolled, with a Judge called if there's disagreement.

Teams have 15 secs to make an attack; failure results in possible disqualification upon Judge's call.

Winning teams receive stamps; losers get a cross mark on score cards. Teams rotate positions after each round.

After 40 mins, all team members must submit score sheets to the section chief for tabulation.

Maximum team score: 9 points. Minimum: 0.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 1.42.23 AM.png

Click the link or the image below to watch the video for how to play Maths Warriors: 

Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 7.24.30 PM.png

Math Master Mind (MMM)
(Team Round)

Math Master Mind (MMM) starts with a team round. Each team receives 5 questions. One point is given for each correct answer written in the AES. No points for unanswered or wrong answers.

Teams select a leader to write answers in the AES. The leader shares their MMM card for team discussion.

Each question has 5 numbers: one in the center, four in the corners, like this:

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 1.17.15 AM.png

The team will have to use the surrounding four numbers and the four operations and brackets-BODMAS (+, -, x, ÷) to form an equation matching to the middle number. For example, the following equation can be from the question in the above example:

(5+3)x2 =16 
(5+3)+4x2 = 16 
(5-3)x4x2 = 16

After deciding on the answer, the leader or any team will write the full mathematical statement into the AES and hand it to the judge.

Math Master Mind (MMM)
(Individual Round)

MMM Individual Rules

1. Team members will be separated from their team and so that their work cannot be copied by their team or another team's members.

2. The judge will give each team member a set of 2 MMM cards and AES.

3. Each team member must fill in the 2 mathematical statements into the AES.

4. Each team member can score 3 points for each card with the team gaining a maximum of 30 points. 

5. All members will give their AES to the Judge to compile the team AES. All team members must write their team number and their own names to the AES.

Final Scoring for MW/MMM Round

The Team score for this round will be the total of:
a. MW Team Round (9 points) = ___ points ;
b. MMM Team Round (9 points) = ___ points;
c. MMM Individual Round (5 players x 6 points) = __ points ;

Total Team Score = ___ points;
Maximum = 44 points, Minimum = 0 Point.

The top 8% of teams with the highest scores will be awarded Gold Award;
The next 12% of teams with the highest scores will be awarded Silver Award;

The next 20% of teams with the highest scores will be awarded Bronze Awards.

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Mind Sports

What is Mind Sports Challenge?

This is a 45-minute activity where each team (same team as Maths Warriors/MMM), will need to strategize to solve 8 hands-on puzzles as quickly as possible. Teams will be ranked by the most number of puzzle solved followed by the shortest time taken.

Strategies adopted by teams could include:

1) The team solves each of 8 puzzles together.
2) Each member of the team could be assigned one puzzle each to solve.


The puzzles are usually put together or take apart metal or wood puzzles, string puzzles, and math challenges with manipulative supplied. These will require the team to collaborate, tap on their combined creativity and problem solving skills to complete these challenges.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 1.46.55 AM.png

Each team is provided with an answer entry sheet(AES). Each time the team solves a puzzle, the judge will give them points, for specific puzzles where only one answer is allowed, any wrong answer will result in the score of zero. So the team must collaborate closely together to ensure maximizing their team score.

The top 40% of teams will be awarded.

The top 8% of teams with the highest scores will be awarded Gold Award;
The next 12% of teams with the highest scores will be awarded Silver Award;

The next 20% of teams with the highest scores will be awarded Bronze Awards.


Please click the picture below to check out the every day activities from 20 July to 23 July.

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