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Registration for American Mathematics Competition 8 is now OPEN

Our experienced coaches offer your children a personalized curriculum based on their current level.

Please see the profile of our coaches:

1. Jimmy Yang

7 years competition coach, specialized in improve students' problem-solving skills. He is also an examiner of CIE.

2. Alice Rekha

Familiar with multi countries' math curriculum. She is an IB and CIE teacher, who has been the head of mathematics in DPS, a top international school in Singapore.


Remember our pre-test? The score of the pre-test will be used to determine which level package you can choose. That would make the same group of students can learn a lot from our tutors and their classmates.

Also, Pinnacle Academy is the official organizer of several contests, we accumulate a lot of experience to improve grades for students for specific contests.

Base on personalized curriculum, the timetable of our preparation courses is attached for you make a plan for your children. Make sure he/she can make effort on the contest at least 20 hours to have a full understanding of the competition.

If you want to learn more about the way how our coaches can help to improve the skills of students, please email us, we will send ONE FREE recording for your preparation.

Contact us NOW!!!


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