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Exploring DrCT's Robotics and Computational Thinking Informatics

The DrCT competition invites students from NZ Years 2 to 12 to explore robotics and computational thinking!

Here's why it's worth joining:

  1. Easy Coding: DrCT simplifies coding with block programming, nurturing creativity and innovation.

  2. Skills Development: You will hone computational thinking and block programming skills, fostering problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking.

  3. Fearless Exploration: DrCT encourages fearless experimentation, fostering a love for technology and programming.

  4. Barrier-Free Learning: It breaks barriers to coding, promoting creative expression and enhancing problem-solving skills.

  5. Future Opportunities: Winning prizes will get you to participate in the STEAM Ahead DrCT Global Final, expanding your STEAM horizons.

Join us in inspiring innovation and shaping the future of technology! Register for the DrCT competition today and embark on a journey of discovery and growth.

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