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How to Join IJHS: Pave Your Way to Honor Society

Looking to join the International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) in Singapore? Here's how: earn four (4) Scholarship Points (SPs) within an Academic Year by participating in SIMCC competitions.

Here are the basics for earning SPs in the 2023/24 academic year:

  • Participate in National Contests and Global Finals (online/offline exams).

  • Earn a Perfect Score (full marks), Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards to accumulate points.

National Contests include any SIMCC preliminary rounds, e.g. AMO, SASMO, SMC, VANDA NJSO (first round), DrCT (first round)......

Global Finals Online include SMGF (final round of SMC, but held online).

Global Finals in the last column require physical travel, including SIMOC, and contests in STEAM Ahead (VANDA GF, IJMO GF, DrCT GF...), and YALA.


There's a bonus: the SIT Award, which recognizes achievements in various academic competitions.

What is the SIT Award?

The STEAM International Tournament (SIT) brings together prestigious academic competitions in the fields of science, mathematics, informatics, and arts, enabling students to excel in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) domain.

Students participating in and winning the following competitions will accumulate credits for the SIT Award:


  • AMO

  • VANDA National Junior Science Competition

  • DrCT/National Junior Informatics Olympiad (NJIO)

  • Singapore International Arts Tournament (SIAT)

  • National Junior Cyber Olympiad (NJCO)

The SIT Awards include:

  • SIT Star Award – Totaling 10 points or more in the above 6 competitions = extra 3 SPs

  • SIT Platinum Award – Totaling 8 to 9 points in the above 6 competitions = extra 2 SPs

  • SIT Tri Award - Totaling 6 to 7 points in the above 6 competitions = extra 1 SP

  • SIT Award – Totaling 5 points in the above 6 competitions = extra 0.5 SPs

By actively participating, exploring interests, and aiming for excellence, students pave the way for academic and career success while becoming part of IJHS.


The process of accumulating credits not only serves as a testament to individual capabilities but also serves as excellent guidance for future development.

Furthermore, IJHS members are categorized into Junior members, Senior members, and Lifetime members, even the Honorary Lifetime members!

Here are the five benefits of joining IJHS:

Therefore, we encourage students to actively participate in competitions, explore their academic interests, and strive for excellence to achieve their academic and career goals!

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