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Come and join the online preliminary!

- Prepare for American Mathematics Competitions 8

American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) are the most prestigious mathematics competitions globally, organized by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). AMC certificates are recognized by leading colleges and universities worldwide and play a critical role in high school and college admissions. Pinnacle Academy will host a warm-up preliminary online event on September 25, 2021, for American Mathematics Competitions 8 on January 18, 2022!

Pinnacle Academy will offer a free online preliminary for children aged 9-14 (NZ year 5-10) to give parents and children a better idea of their child's math level. It will send results and reports to your registered email address at the end of the test. Pinnacle Academy will send the results and report to your registered email address and provide advice and assistance.

(New Zealand vs. U.S. student age comparison table)

Online preliminary process:

1. Contact us (add Facebook/WeChat customer service or Email) to get the free online preliminary link.

2. Access to the online Zoom session on September 25 through the link

3. The moderator will explain the rules of the exam and issue the link to the exam in the Zoom meeting

4. Results and reports will be sent to your registered Email after the exam

Contact us now!


Facebook QR code:

WeChat QR code:

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