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2021 Chinese Learning Webinar Series, 2021 Oct. 16-Nov. 16.

Chinese has always been the most spoken language, and the world's population of Chinese language learners has reached 200 million. More and more schools are incorporating the study of the Chinese language. This series of lectures will be aimed at students and parents who have zero knowledge of Chinese and want to learn Chinese.


Chinese language learning is a major headache for Chinese parents overseas. Overseas children are in a non-Chinese speaking environment, and parents cannot often teach their children Chinese with much patience. These situations also cause some children to resist learning Chinese.

How to solve these problems?

How can we efficiently and effectively guide children to learn Chinese in a fun way?

To solve the Chinese learning problems of overseas parents, Pinnacle Academy is organizing this month-long "Chinese Learning Webinar Series" to help you solve the problems by combining its original curriculum and education methods.


The lectures guest for each session are experienced Chinese teachers who have served in our school for many years!

The topics of the webinars:

-- "How to learn Chinese well for students with zero foundation?"

-- "How to Learn Chinese Pinyin Effectively?"

-- "An amazing journey of Chinese learning and STEAM."

-- "A different way of learning Chinese."

Learning is always fun at Pinnacle Academy, but how can we make children happy and receive boring knowledge effectively?

**Use STEAM concept: combine Chinese learning with other subjects

**Provide multiple platforms: integrate Chinese learning into life and entertainment

**Interesting teaching: to develop children's interest in the Chinese language


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