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The VANDA Science Global Finals places a strong emphasis on students' abilities to engage in critical and creative thinking, allowing them to uncover hidden information to assist in problem-solving.

VANDA caters to students ranging from primary 3 to secondary 4 (NZ Year 4 to Year 11/12). It closely aligns with the Singapore School Science Syllabus and IGCSE syllabus, assessing students based on the content they have learned at their respective levels. This familiarity with the material enables participants to perform better compared to pure Olympiad papers.

The competition questions are rooted in a robust foundation of scientific knowledge, methodical inquiry, and critical thinking. 

Strong emphasis on teamwork

One standout hallmark of VANDA Global Finals is its strong emphasis on teamwork throughout the competition. The gold-winning team exemplifies outstanding collaboration and mutual support. These invaluable skills are highly regarded, as numerous past champions have leveraged their experiences from participating in VANDA Science Global Finals during admission interviews to gain acceptance into prestigious schools and universities.

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Eligible year groups: NZ Year 2-13

Competition format: Offline - Bali

There are two parts of Fees for the STEAM Ahead

1, Competition Entry Fee, plus

2, package price per student

(The fees are explained in this page, please click here to read the details)

(All parts of fees are not refundable.)

PGA reserves the right to interpret all competition and course arrangements.

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