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Register Now for the AMC10 (American Mathematics Competitions)!

Are you passionate about mathematics and eager to challenge your problem-solving skills?

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) are now open for registration! Here’s why you should participate:

Why AMC?

  • Challenge Yourself: Tackle unique and engaging math problems.

  • Gain Recognition: Stand out with high scores and qualify for advanced competitions.

  • Boost Your College Application: AMC participation is highly regarded by colleges and universities.

How to Register?

Click the picture below for registration.

Important Dates

AMC 10A Thursday November 7, 2024, 19:00-20:15

AMC 10B Wednesday November 13, 2024, 19:00-20:15

Entry closing date: October 29, 2024

AMC 10 Exam Details

Age Requirement: For students in 10th grade and below, born on or after May 7, 2007.

Number and Type of Questions: 25 multiple-choice questions, each with 5 answer choices.

Exam Duration: 75 minutes.

Scoring System: +6 points for each correct answer, +1.5 points for each unanswered question, no penalty for incorrect answers. Maximum score of 150 points.

Exam Content: Basic algebra, fundamental geometry including the Pythagorean theorem, area and volume formulas, basic number theory, and basic probability.

(PGA reserves the right to interpret all competition and course arrangements.)

Calculators are NOT allowed.

Happy problem-solving and good luck to all participants!

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