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American Mathematics Competition
​(AMC10)2023-2024 Round


AMC 10A  November 9, 2023, 19:00-20:15

AMC 10B November 15, 2023, 19:00-20:15

Note: Both the A and the B versions of the AMC 10  have the same number of questions, the same scoring, and the same rules for administration. The only differences are the competition dates and that each version has a distinct set of questions, although the two examinations are designed to be equal in difficulty and distribution of topics.

Duration: 75min

Cost per paper: NZD 60 for each student

Entry closing dates: 

AMC 10A: October 29, 2023

AMB 10B: October 29, 2023


Paper format:

  • Questions: 25 multiple choices

  • Total Score: 150, 6 scores/question, no penalty for wrong answers, 1.5 scores for no answering.

  • Calculator NOT allowed.


Who is eligible to participate in the competition?

 Students below and under 17.5 years of age on the day of the competition (DOB no earlier than 9th May, 2006) are eligible to participate in the AMC 10.


Honor Roll of Distinction: Scored in the top 1% worldwide

Honor Roll: Scored in the top 1% ~ 5% worldwide

Certificate of Distinction (AMC10) : For Qualifying for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME)

Certificate of Participation

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Fees of exam entry: NZD 60 each student

Please note: If you registered after the deadline, the fees will be doubled.


Name of Account: Pinnacle Education Group

Account: 06-0241-0684634-00


Please make payment with the students 'full name + AMC10A+10B/ AMC10A/ AMC 10B ' as reference.

⚠️ Please note that any fees and payments made are non-refundable.

⚠️ Before you make any payment, read through the refund policy on our website to avoid misunderstandings.

(Terms and conditions apply).

PGA reserves the right to interpret all competition and course arrangements.

AMC10 Training Course

Join our comprehensive 12-hour online training program designed to boost your mathematical skills and prepare you for the MAA AMC10 competition. Our experienced instructors are committed to guiding students to their full potential, empowering them to tackle the competition's complex challenges with confidence.


Key Features:

  • Online Lessons

  • Suitable for Math Enthusiasts in Year 9-11

Don't miss this opportunity to excel in your MAA AMC10 preparation!

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