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Exploring Math Challenges: UKJMC vs. AMC8

Are you a young math enthusiast looking for challenging competitions? Let's compare two renowned math contests: the UK Junior Mathematical Challenge (UKJMC) and the American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC 8).

UK Junior Mathematical Challenge (UKJMC)

  • Age Group: For students aged 11 to 13.

  • Organizer: Hosted annually by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT).

  • Format: Multiple-choice questions covering various math topics.

  • Purpose: Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills among young learners.

  • Recognition: Top performers receive certificates and opportunities for further competitions.

  • Registration: Students can register by clicking the UKJMC banner below. Closing date of registering: 19 April 2024

  • Contest Date and time: 19:00-20:00, 26 April 2024 (NZ time).

American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC8)

  • Age Group: For students in NZ Years 7 to 9 (approximately ages 11 to 14).

  • Organizer: Administered by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

  • Format: Multiple-choice questions with a focus on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning.

  • Purpose: Challenges students' mathematical abilities and fosters interest in math.

  • Recognition: Top scorers receive certificates and recognition on a national level.

  • Contest Date: Usually held in January.

Both competitions offer recognition and skill development opportunities, but UKJMC targets younger students while AMC 8 extends to grade 8 (NZ Year 9). Choose based on your age and preference for competition format!

If you're interested in challenging yourself with questions similar to those in AMC8, do not miss out on the UK Junior Mathematical Challenge (UKJMC)!

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