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Experience the AMC8: Join Our Proctored Mock Exam!

Are you ready to take your mathematical abilities to the next level? PGA is excited to offer an AMC8 mock exam, designed to help students experience the real test environment from the comfort of their homes.

(Click the picture below to register for the mock exam)

Why Choose Our Mock Exam?

Our mock exam is not just another practice test. We provide a unique, proctored environment that mirrors the actual AMC8 exam conditions. This means you’ll be taking the test under the same time constraints and rules, giving you an authentic experience that casual practice cannot match.

The Benefits of a Proctored Exam

  1. Realistic Conditions: The exam will be proctored to ensure that you complete it within the designated time limit, just like the real AMC8. This helps simulate the pressure and pace of the actual test.

  2. Accurate Skill Assessment: By taking the test under exam conditions, you’ll get a true measure of your math skills. It’s a great way to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

  3. Improved Performance: Practicing in a timed and monitored setting can boost your confidence and improve your performance on the actual exam day.

How It Works

  • Register: Sign up for our AMC8 mock exam through our school’s registration page.

  • Take the Test: On the exam day, you will log in to our online platform, where a proctor will guide you through the process. Ensure your camera is working properly for the monitoring to be effective.

  • Review: After the exam, you will receive detailed feedback on your performance, helping you understand where you excelled and where you need more practice.

Join Us Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to test your skills in a realistic, proctored environment. Register now and take the first step towards acing the AMC8. Let’s make your math practice as effective and impactful as possible!

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