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YALA Overview

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Close date of registering: 31 October 2023

Fees for the YALA Camp is $6500 per student.

Please note: If you registered after the deadline, the fees will be doubled.

Close date of registering: 31 October 2023


Name of Account: Pinnacle Education Group

Account: 06-0241-0684634-00


Please make payment with the students 'full name + YALA' as reference.

⚠️ Please note that any fees and payments made are non-refundable.

⚠️ Before you make any payment, make sure you read through the refund policy on our website to avoid misunderstandings.

(Terms and conditions apply).

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The Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) Camp 2023 is a 5-day-4-night leadership and personal development workshop organized by the international Junior Honor Society (IJHS) Global Student Leadership Council (GSLC), Singapore International Mastery Conetests Center (SIMCC) and Scholastic Trust (Singapore) (STS).

This year, YALA will be held from December 13 to 17, 2023, in Bali, Indonesia. Campers will be staying in a 5-star hotel in the Denpasar area of Bali throughout the entire duration of the camp. 

YALA Objectives

At YALA, we believe that all scholars, given that the right support and guidance, can reach their goals and make an impact in their communities. Adopting the "Leaders Give, Givers Get" philosophy in our camp programme and activities, we hope scholars can

1. Develop into leaders and scholars who will get the best opportunities possible;

2. Develop teamwork and communication skills through Team Building Activities;

3. Serve as leaders with a heart;

4. Adopt a Growth Mindset;

5. Value-add to academic and leadership portfolios;

6. Handle interviews for scholarships and admissions into top schools and universities;

7. Learn to provide leadership and give back to the community through "Passion with a Purpose" projects using IJHS and YALA as platforms; and

8. Acquire a robust network of like-minded leaders.

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Travel insurance is NOT included in the package. It is compulsory for each guest to purchase their own insurance for YALA 2023.

PGA is not responsible for, nor will it be held liable for, any injury, damage or loss suffered on account of any conditions, actions or omissions that are beyond its reasonable control during YALA 2023.

Every guardian is required to complete the TRIP RISK ACKNOWLEDGEMENT & LIABILITY WAIVER FORM.

If a guardian does not accompany the participant to YALA Camp, an additional fee of $6500.00 will be required. 

If a guardian entrusts someone else to take care of their child, they will also need to complete the Child-Travel-Consent-Form.


"Passion with a Purpose" Projects

Introduced in YALA 2021, “Passion with a Purpose” projects are IJHS’ way of giving back to our respective communities. These projects allow YALA scholars to tap into their creative minds to create innovative, scalable products for the underprivileged or underserved.

As the saying goes, “Leaders Give, Givers Get.” Leading a “Passion with a Purpose” project is never a one-man show. 


To support the further development of the projects, the champion, first runner-up and second runner-up teams of the hackathon are granted seed funds of SGD $1500, $1000 and $500 respectively, as long as they carry on their projects after the YALA camp.


Nonetheless, the development of “Passion with a Purpose” projects can make YALA scholars stand out as innovators with big hearts for their communities, and is a valuable addition to their portfolios when they apply to top schools and universities.

During the YALA Camp, members from the IJHS GSLC will organize workshops and information sessions to guide YALA scholars in creating their projects. These are geared towards guiding YALA scholars through the Ideation and Implementation processes so that they can create projects that better suit the needs of their target communities.


Campers will work in teams to ideate and pitch their projects, gaining prompt and useful feedback in the process. 

Leadership Workshops/Talks

What is a leadership camp without leadership workshops and talks? YALA scholars can expect to take part in leadership workshops held by the IJHS GSLC as well as esteemed speakers.


It includes workshops to figure out your leadership style, understand your motivation and learn to set goals beyond YALA.


Leadership is also interwoven in many of our YALA activities, as we believe that doing and experimenting is the best platform to hone leadership!

Team Building and Spirit Ignition Activities

No camp is complete without team building and spirit ignition. Through YALA 2023, we hope to bring YALA scholars from different backgrounds together, building worldwide connections and forging new friendships that will undoubtedly aid their future endeavors.


In YALA 2023, we will be introducing our first-ever House system! YALA scholars will work together with their housemates to complete challenges and fight for their houses.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

All students from Grade 4 (NZ Year 5) and above, of all nationalities and genders, are eligible to apply to the YALA Camp.


However, we are looking for individuals who:

  1. Are passionate about developing as a leader;

  2. Would like to forge meaningful connections in a global setting;

  3. Are passionate about developing projects with fellow international peers to solve issues in their communities or globally.

We will be looking at the applications received to gauge the readiness and suitability of applicants for this camp.

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