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Summary - American Mathmatics Competition 8 (AMC 8) Webinar

Our webinar for American Mathematics Competition 8 was held successfully. Over 30 students were here to communicate with our coaches.

There are two topics about the webinar, the first one is who should register for AMC 8, the other is how to prepare for the competition.

1. Who should register for AMC 8?

  • The age should be under 14.5 when attending the contest (18th January);

  • Finish one past paper during 40 minutes, the correct answers should be larger than 10.

2. How to prepare for the competition?

  • Regroup the past paper based on the same topics or similar ways;

  • Find multiple ways to solve the questions;

  • Improve your speed by using formulas.

If you have any questions about preparing for the contest, you can contact us for more details:


Facebook: @ Pinnacle Academy

WeChat: Pinnaclek12

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