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SIMOC: A Big Math Meet-Up in Singapore

SIMOC is a fun math competition that happens every year in Singapore. This July, students from New Zealand can join others from around the world for this exciting event. It's a chance to show off your math skills, represent New Zealand, and make new friends from different countries.

Challenges for Everyone

SIMOC has lots of different math games and puzzles to try. You can solve problems on your own or work with a team in events like the Mind Sports Challenge and Math Warriors. There's even a new game this year called Maths Master Mind Challenge!

All Students Can Join

Any student in New Zealand, from Year 2 to Year 13, can try out for SIMOC. To get in, you need to do well in other math contests first, like SASMO 2024, SMGF 2024, or AMO 2023.

How to Get to SIMOC

If you missed AMO 2023, don't worry! You can still try to get into SIMOC by doing well in SASMO 2024. Sign up for SASMO 2024 by March 8th, and if you get a good score, you can get the ticket to SIMOC.

Come to Singapore for Math Fun!

Pack your bags for a math adventure in Singapore! At SIMOC, you'll have lots of fun and see cool places in Singapore. We, PGA, are here to help you have a great trip and make happy memories with math and new friends.

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