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Participate International Short Story Competition!

Are you a budding writer with a passion for storytelling? Do you dream of seeing your work published and read by people around the globe? The 2024 International Short Story Writing Contest, hosted by GEMA in Dubai, is the perfect opportunity for you! Here’s why you should participate:

Showcase Your Writing Talent

This contest provides an unparalleled platform for young writers to showcase their creativity and writing skills. It’s divided into four categories based on age groups:

  • Sub-Junior (7-8 years): 300 words minimum

  • Junior (9-11 years): 500 words minimum

  • Middle (12-14 years): 700 words minimum

  • Senior (15-18 years): 1000 words minimum

With a maximum word limit of 1500 words, you have ample space to weave your magic. Your story could be the one that captivates readers worldwide!

Global Publication Opportunity

Imagine your story being featured in a book that is distributed globally through platforms like Amazon and numerous bookstores. This isn’t just a dream – it’s a reality for contest participants. Your work will have the chance to reach a global audience, giving you a taste of international recognition and acclaim.

Exciting Prizes and Recognition

The contest offers fantastic prizes, including trophies, medals, training courses, and certificates for the top three winners in each category. Additionally, five participants from each category will receive appreciation prizes. These accolades not only bring honour but also pave the way for future writing endeavors.

Enhance Your Writing Skills and Passion

Participating in this contest isn’t just about winning prizes. It’s an opportunity to improve your writing skills through practice and feedback. By crafting a story for the competition, you’ll learn valuable lessons about narrative structure, creativity, and language use. This experience can ignite a lifelong passion for writing and literature.

Boost Your Confidence

Submitting your work to an international contest and having the possibility of it being globally published is an incredible confidence booster. It validates your efforts and encourages you to pursue your writing dreams with renewed vigor. There’s nothing quite like seeing your name in print to inspire greater ambitions.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to let your storytelling talent shine on a global stage. We can’t wait to read the remarkable stories you’ll create!

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