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Open registration: The lowest tuition package of the Annual Chinese Course!

- Register now and receive a gift from Pinnacle Academy!

Registration for the Annual Chinese Course is now open!

The first round Registration closed at 12:00 pm on December 23, 2021.

Customers who register for courses in the first round will enjoy the following benefits:

(a) 30% off the original price of $10.50/hour and free tuition and fees, only $819.00 (Original annual fee is $1210.00)

(b) One free academic class, including various competition courses, and one free assessment exam (worth $51.75-$100.00) for KSF, CAT, AMC(Australia), AMC(USA), ICAS, etc.

Do you have a lot of questions about Chinese language courses?

1. Why do we need to learn Chinese in an English-speaking environment? 

(a) It is a world trend - Chinese is the common language of 1.6 billion people, and China is the second-largest economy globally. Chinese language skills enhance students' international competitiveness for future development and give them more choices.

(b) An increasing number of schools in New Zealand are also introducing the teaching of the Chinese language in their language electives, and some students are interested in learning Chinese.

2. Learning two or more languages is beneficial to children's cognitive development

(a) Resistance to distractions to focus attention

(b) an additional way of thinking

(c) More flexibility and creativity

3.Why do we choose and trust Pinnacle Academy's Chinese language education?

(More details refer to the “Chinese” introduction section in the “Course - Language” section)

(a)Professional and quality Chinese education

Professional language education background, many years of local school and overseas teaching experience Chinese subject in charge of teacher leadership, unified syllabus, professional teaching theory support.

(b)Strong teachers

Chinese teachers have relevant education degrees and rich teaching experience, bilingual teaching, regular teacher group preparation and training, and timely updating of knowledge.

(c)Lively teaching methods

With the premise of stimulating students' interest in learning, we adopt multimedia teaching, game teaching, and group teaching to keep abreast of the times.

(d)Application of learning

We provide students with a diversified platform for learning Chinese and hold large-scale offline and online activities related to Chinese every year.

(e)Diversified learning tools

Multimedia software, digital reading platform, etc.

(f) STEAM teaching concept

Interdisciplinary learning of Chinese and other subjects such as art.


*Competition courses are assessed free of charge according to your grade level

*This offer is limited to students of Chinese textbooks 1-12. Inquiring separately for tuition for other textbooks and grade levels.

*If the regular class does not reach the required number of students after registration, they will be invited to enter the VIP class.

*Pinnacle Academy has the absolute right to interpret the terms and conditions of the offer.

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