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FREE Online Mid-Autumn Festival Virtual Exhibition

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

About this event:

Come and Join our Mid-Autumn Festival which also known as Mooncake Festival. It is a traditional festival celebrated by Asian people.

Different from before, this year, we decided to share our creation to all of you to make a unforgettable memory!

So why not grab some friends or family, and sit down to enjoy the best online Mid-Autumn Festival Virtual Exhibition which is all created by our students! Or you can head down to Asian super market to pick your favourite flavor of moon cakes which is limited for the season. Gathering together, share it, and enjoy it!

Register now for a free seat!

Join us to get a free Chinese Lesson ( values at $25) and a chance to win a surprise gift!

-WHEN: September-October 2021

-WHERE: Mid-Autumn Festival VR Virtual Exhibition Hall

-COST: Free

-Contact us: Please scan the following QR code to register or contact our Facebook @Pinnacle Academy

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