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First week of Term One in Pinnacle Academy

Back to school has got to be the most important time of the entire school year. There are so many things to think about to have a smooth transition from summer vacation to classroom instruction. From classroom management and organization to choosing curriculum and planning units to getting ready for our students to enter our classroom door, We must be ready and equipped ahead of time for the first week of school! Let's look at the adequate preparation we did for the first week of term ONE:

1、Head into school ahead of time

Maybe this is no-brain, but this is the first thing we did. Setting up a classroom and getting things ready for a new school year takes time. Our manager team got those bulletin boards ready and set up our furniture and seating plan to make sure the classroom is organized ready for kids.

2、Plan out our year before the first week of school

To organize the school year, our tutors created a term-long curriculum map with the themes and topics that he/she will be teaching each month. With some planning done ahead of time, our tutors will feel much more in control and ready to welcome the new students.

3 Get to know our students during the first week of school

Send a note or make a quick phone call to our new students welcoming them and their families to our classroom is usually what we do. Also, we suggest to our tutors that setting up a time to chat with the previous year's teacher and see if there is anything he/she needs to know ahead of time.

4 Quick assessments for the first week of school

Our tutors are trained to make or find some time during the first week of school to do a quick assessment of our students. Make observations. Take note of how students act in the class, how they respond to the tutor and their classmates, and what basic skills they have or lack。

Pinnacle Academy has a motivated and experienced team who cares about students in a warm and charismatic way. They will assist students to become social elites and to be the leading provider of extended educational services to K-12 students.

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