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Edexcel International - October Registration at PGA is NOW OPEN!!!

Pearson Edexcel is the UK's largest awarding organisation and offers qualifications closely aligned with the British educational system. Over 3.4 million students study with Pearson Edexcel with their qualifications offered to 6,500 schools, colleges, and employers worldwide. It is like a Global Passport which offers students worldwide recognition. They can go anywhere in the world with their Edexcel qualifications.

Edexcel Exams students can choose in PGA:

  • Primary Achievement Test

  • LowerSecondary Achievement Test


  • IAL

Primary Achievement Test

This test provides a certificated qualification that is internationally benchmarked against students around the world.

Knowing your child’s academic level compared with others around the world, understanding their learning and reflecting on their development helps to ensure the best opportunities in their educational journey.

Students: Year 4-6

Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science


LowerSecondary Achievement Test

Specifically designed to prepare students for international GCSE.

Students: Year 7-10

Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science

Timetable :


Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs are globally recognised qualifications with academic content and assessment designed specifically for international learners.

Students: Year 7-11

Subjects: More than 10 subjects


Pearson Edexcel International AS/A Levels (IAL) are globally recognised qualifications which open doors to top universities worldwide. These qualifications have a modular structure and are comparable to GCE AS/A levels, as confirmed by NARIC, the national agency responsible for providing information and expert opinion on qualifications and skills worldwide.

Students: Year 11-13

Subjects: More than 10 subjects

Now open to students! You are welcome to consult with our academic specialist.


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