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Discover America: The National Social Studies League Competition

Are you fascinated by American society and its history? Interested in global affairs? The National Social Studies League (NSSL) Competition is your chance to explore and showcase your knowledge!

(Please click here or the picture below to register)

The NSSL Competition dives into American society, history, politics, and culture. It hones your critical thinking and analytical skills while offering a platform to demonstrate your understanding.

It's not just for social science buffs! Whether you love humanities, writing, or dream of being a policymaker, there's room for you here.

Plus, the skills you gain are gold for future studies and careers. Whether you're eyeing US universities or careers in international relations, journalism, or public policy, the NSSL Competition sets you up for success.

Don't miss out! Join us in unravelling America's complexities and shaping our global future with the NSSL Competition.

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