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Come and join “ChineseX Language Challenge” to win cool trophy and badges!

Come and join “ChineseX Language Challenge” to win cool trophy, badge and free Chinese learning resources!

This year, to celebrate 2022 New Zealand Chinese Language Week, Pinnacle Education Trust and New Zealand Chinese Language Week will hold the first large-scale event of challenging Chinese contest where teams from different schools compete against each other. “ChineseX Language Challenge” will be held at 7-9pm on Sep 29 at Auckland campus, Massey University. This event aims to attract Chinese learners gathering together, and be socially connected with their peers via learning language and culture in a more fun way.

“ChineseX Language Challenge” is a free school-wide Chinese enrichment event for for students in years 5–10 consisting of series of challenging and interesting Chinese quizzes provided to each school team. More details are as below:

Event Rules

(1) The challenge group will be divided into three grade groups: Year 5-6, Year 7-8 and Year 9-10. Joint schools select 4 students per team and up to 5 teams per level.

(2) All teams are required to have a lead teacher. Teachers need to go through the rules in the booklet with each team to ensure they totally understand the rules. Electronic devices will NOT be allowed to use during the contest.

(3) The contest will be divided into three parts including 20 multiple choices, 10 sequencing and 10 short answers. And there are 3 extra fun games to win bonus. The whole contest will last for one and a half hours and there will be a awarded ceremony at the end.

(4) Year 5-6 teams will start with Challenge A (multiple choices), Year 7-8 teams will start with Challenge B (sequencing), and Year 9-10 teams will start with Challenge C(short answers). Then switch. (A-B-C, B-C-A, C-A-B)

(5) marks are awarded for each correctly answered question. No marks are awarded or deducted for incorrect or incomplete questions. If the question consists more than one part, then all parts must be answered correctly to get the points.

Due Date

Sep 25 2022


Click here: sign up form

The number of entries is limited! Only 7 teams per grade group! Sign up now to reserve a spot for your team!


(1) The first prize: Trophy-1 for team, ChineseX badges (see the picture below) for team members, donations package-1 for school

(2) The second prize: Trophy-2 for team, ChineseX badges for team members, donations package-2 for school

(3) The third prize: Trophy-3 for team, ChineseX badges for team members, donations package-3 for school

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