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2022 Maths competitions you should know! (FREE past paper)

Have your kids heard or joined any Math competitions in NZ? Are you looking for an interesting and useful Maths competition experience for your child? From this blog, you will know about the Maths competitions in NZ and the Math competitions held by PGA in 2022.

We had a great achievement in 2021!

In 2021, PGA successfully held the AMC competition and KSF competition as the organizer of NZ. The students who participated in the AMC competition performed well with average scores of 7.5-20 points at all levels higher than the overall NZ average. 5 students who took part in our training class achieved High Distinction (Top 3%). (Click to read the 2021 AMC achievement:

For KSF competition, all students achieved excellent results. Many students from the PGA training class achieved High Distinction and Distinction results. (Click to read the 2021 KSF competition achievement:

The maths competitions we are going to hold in 2022.

Kangourou Sans Frontieres (KSF)

KSF competition is an entry-level mathematics competition designed to stimulate students’ interest in mathematics and facilitate classroom teaching. It’s open to all ages students (Y3-Y13), with questions ranging from easy to difficult, ideal for first-time students.

Australia Mathematics competition (AMC)

AMC competition is a global mathematics competition sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Association. It’s a medium level competition for talented students and is open to the whole grade level as well. Ideal for the students for a first attempt, or who want to prepare for the American Mathematics Competition.

Singapore Math Global Assessment (SMGA)

SMGA is written by the top teachers of the Ministry of Education of Singapore and is carried out in more than 70 countries for Grades 1-11/12. The main purpose of this competition is to provide parents and teachers with a valuable summary assessment through the tests to help teachers improve their teaching for the next step. The top 40% of students will receive the certificate and be invited to attend the Singa Math Global Final (SMGF) for further learning and communication.

What can students gain through the competition?

  • International certificate

  • Cultivate students’ confidence and gain honour from competitions

  • Help students to understand their academic orientation, and provide a reference for future study planning.

  • Promote students’ self-learning ability, stimulate students to explore the degree of maths.

  • Communicate with outstanding students from all over the world.

How to prepare for a maths competition?

  • Accumulate fundamental knowledge and practice to apply mathematical thinking in daily problem-solving.

  • Proper time management and self-discipline will be helpful

  • Practice on past paper questions and comprehend the difficulty and the type of corresponding competition

  • Reviewing the wrong problems would help the students to discover the mistake of mathematical thinking.

How to achieve a higher score in competition?

  • To be circumspection and carefulness

  • To participate in professional training classes, targeted and professional training for weaknesses

  • Be prepared but less stressed

In 2022, PGA will lead students to learn about the global competitions of CAT, Bebras, OUCC and other different disciplines as well. We hope every student can achieve their academic goals and surpass themselves!

Here are free past papers of three maths competitions, click and download for your child's competition preparation!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more details:

WeChat ID: Pinnaclek12

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