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ICAS Preparation Courses

ICAS Assessments have been recognising academic excellence for over 40 years.

ICAS are designed to recognise academic excellence

ICAS Assessment

ICAS Assessments are online assessments, designed to recognise and reward academic excellence. Students are assessed on their ability to apply classroom learning to new contexts, using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

Benefits of ICAS Assessments

Provide objective ranking of performance

Encourage students to attain greater academic success

Require students to think beyond the classroom

Recognise student success through medals and certificates

ICAS Details

1.ICAS subjects

(1) Science

Science skills such as experimentation, empirical observation, logical reasoning, scientific analysis and critical thinking not only help you do well in STEM subjects — they are critical components of humankind’s most successful system for pursuing knowledge: the scientific method. Students encounter a variety of questions on real scientific stimulus materials designed to test students’ scientific skills of:

  • observing and measuring

  • interpreting

  • predicting and concluding

  • investigating

  • space and geometry

  • reasoning and problem solving.

(2) Math

Maths skills such as logical reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking not only help students perform well in STEM subjects — they also underpin key areas of our daily lives as consumers of money and media. Students encounter questions related to key mathematical learning areas including:

  • number and arithmetic

  • algebra and patterns

  • comprehension

  • measures and units

  • space and geometry

  • chance and data.

(3) English

Skills such as everyday literacy, critical and creative thinking, and clear communication not only help you do well in the humanities — they also underpin every other area of your academic, social and professional life.

Questions are designed to test understanding of English language aspects, such as:

  • vocabulary

  • grammar

  • comprehension

  • structure

  • syntax

  • voice

(4) Writing

Writing skills such as thoughtful planning, creativity and critical and reflective thinking are not only the keys to success in English — they are critical to communicating your ideas clearly and effectively in all subjects and areas of life. More than simply a writing competition, ICAS Writing Assessments consist of a task carefully chosen and reviewed for each paper every year by expert educators. Papers are carefully graded to stimulate interest and learning across a wide range of abilities, including gifted and talented students. In turn, students receive a unique academic experience designed to challenge their abilities beyond the classroom, a greater understanding of where their strengths and areas of improvement lie, and recognition and encouragement of academic success.

2.ICAS 2022 Dates (New Zealand)

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3.Year Level Equivalence

Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 5.14.25 PM.png

4.ICAS Results and Rankings

Students who undertake the ICAS test are ranked based on their percentile in each year level across every participating state (Australia) and country:

  • Top 1% of students receive a High Distinction

  • The next 10% of students receive a Distinction

  • The following 25% of students receive a Credit

  • The next 10% of students receive a Merit Certificate

  • All other students receive a Participation Certificate

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2022 Term 2 Holiday Program

Fee of Courses, 9 hours in total

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2022 Term 2 Holiday Program

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