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What is Euclid?

Taken by 20,000+ participants globally annually, the Euclid contest empowers senior-level high school students to engage creatively with novel math problems, utilizing their accumulated knowledge.


With a blend of short-answer and full-solution questions, the contest fosters effective communication of participants' thinking. Moreover, the final questions in the Euclid are some of the most complex and challenging questions, helping participants build perseverance, a key component of mathematical problem-solving.

Contest date and time

Contest day: April 4, 2024

Deadline for registering:  1 March, 2024

The successful registration is confirmed upon receipt of the registration fee.

Why participate in the Euclid Contest?

  • Scholarships:

Senior-level students who write the Euclid Contest and apply to a Faculty of Mathematics program at the University of Waterloo are considered for Faculty of Mathematics Entrance Scholarships.

  • Admissions:

Doing well on the Euclid Contest can help gain admission to the Faculty of Mathematics programs at the University of Waterloo.

  • Awards:

Certificates of Distinction are awarded to students who score in the top 25% of all contestants.

  • Skills:

Writing the Euclid Contest will allow you to demonstrate and improve your mathematics skills while having fun doing some math.

When registering multiple students, complete a separate registration form for each student, and ensure that you use a different email for each student.

Upload File

Fees for the Euclid is $150 per student.

Please note: If you registered after the deadline, the fees will be doubled.

The successful registration is confirmed upon receipt of the registration fee.


Name of Account: Pinnacle Education Group

Account: 06-0241-0684634-00


Please make payment with the students 'full name + Euclid ' as reference.

⚠️ Please note that any fees and payments made are non-refundable.

⚠️ Before you make any payment, make sure you read through the refund policy on our website to avoid misunderstandings.

(Terms and conditions apply).

PGA reserves the right to interpret all competition and course arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the eligibility requirements?

* Students in their final year of secondary school; * Motivated students in lower grades.

2. What is the Contest Format?

* 10 questions; a mix of final answer only and full-solution; * 2.5 hours; * Score out of 100; * Marks are awarded for completeness, clarity and style of presentation. A correct solution, poorly presented, will not earn full marks; * Participants write individually and on paper

3. Are the calculators allowed to use?

[All Contests] Calculating devices are allowed, provided that they do not have any of the following features: * internet access, * the ability to communicate with other devices, * information previously stored by students (such as formulas, programs, notes, etc.), * a computer algebra system, * dynamic geometry software. Examples of disallowed devices are the Casio ClassPad 300 series, HP Prime and TI-Nspire CAS. [Contests with Full Solution Questions] While calculators may be used for numerical calculations, other mathematical steps must be shown and justified in your written solutions and specific marks may be allocated for these steps. For example, while your calculator might be able to find the x-intercepts of the graph of an equation like y = x3 – x, you should show the algebraic steps that you used to find these numbers, rather than simply writing these numbers down.

4. What is the Mathematical content?

Most of the problems on the Euclid are based on curricula up to and including the final year of secondary school. Some content might require students to extend their knowledge.

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