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Pearson Edexcel Lowersecondary Achievement Tests

What is the achievement tests?

Pearson Edexcel iPrimary and iLowerSecondary is a complete programme children aged 5-14 taking English, Mathematics, Science, Computing in international schools. Apart from a wealth of support with schemes of work, the programme also provide internal and external assessment.

Internal and external assessment

Internal: Progress Tests for every unit allow us to check ongoing student progress together with end-of-year Progress Tests which are freshly updated yearly.


External: Achievement Tests are assessments that are externally administered and marked by Pearson Edexcel, and are available at the end of iPrimary (in Year 6 / age 11) and iLowerSecondary (in Year 9 / age 14). These tests provide the ideal opportunity both to check the learning of students at the end of each key stage, and to provide a qualification that is internationally benchmarked against students around the world. You will know your position among the students around the world.


The qualifications provided by Pearson Edexcel, to students who achieve the external assessment, are recognised as being most closely aligned to the British educational system and accepted by 80 countries. 


Please see the timetable below.

Morning Session: 9:00

Afternoon Session: 13:00

Who can attend the exam?

PGA allows private candidates to enrol in Pearson Edexcel Achievement tests to compress their academic performance fully. 

  • Want to test your academic performance

  • Want to change your curriculum to Edexcel in Intermediate school or high school

  • Want to find your academic position around the world

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Timetable (Here are the New Zealand exam dates.)



截屏2023-05-30 17.14.58.png

Achievement Grade boundaries in 2021:

Edexcel Grade boundaries.jpg

UK & NZ Curriculum and year:

2023 edexcel exam PGA.jpeg

Payment method:

Here is the payment information below. Please make the payment ( Exam fee+Past paper fee) after submitting this form.

Then contact our teacher to arrange the preparation course.  
Bank: ANZ
Name of account: Pinnacle Education Group 
Account: 06-0241-0684634-00
Please make payment with the student's full name + Program name as the reference.    

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