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Teacher Rules and Regulations

  1. Always put safety responsibilities first. Pay attention to the physical and mental health and behavior of students, and be responsible for class routines and classroom management affairs to ensure that students are under the teacher’s management while in school.

  2. Consciously abide by the school's rules and regulations, cooperate with other colleagues to maintain the school's good reputation.

  3. Keep a good mental state in class, dress well, no jeans or balls shoes and other very casual clothing, business casual as our dress code. After class, communicate with parents actively, and feedback their ideas and opinions to the school in time.

  4. Before class: Go to school at least 10 minutes in advance to do preparations, determine the list of students who have not arrived 5 minutes before class, and contact their family in time,communicate with each other to confirm whether the student is in class that day and contact the principal of the campus in time to report. If the student does not arrive, email must be required, or phone or text message to parents to let parents know the status of students in time, especially the classroom after school, to ensure the safety of students

  5. The focus of our work.

  6. In class: During the course of the class, if you find that the student is uncomfortable or other unexpected situations, you must immediately notify the principal and the parent of the student. Security issues should be handled professionally in accordance with Red Cross security handling requirements.

  7. After class: After class, the teacher confirmed that all the students left safely, cleaned up the classroom hygiene, especially the art teacher needs to pay attention to keeping the classroom and the sink clean. Classrooms that need to move tables and chairs, please move them back to the original position before leaving. When using multimedia equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is restored to its original state and that the equipment is not damaged by the students’ disturbance, if the students damage the classroom facilities, the class teacher and the principal are fully responsible for the equipment; if compensation is required, the principal shall instruct the class teacher to compensate, if the class teacher cannot be found, the principal will compensate;

  8. the teacher needs to confirm with the school principal on the same day that the class hours and student attendance of the week.

  9. Attendance:

  10. Ask for Leave

  11. Since the opening of the new semester and the end of leave will bring advice to parents, so there are no special important events to avoid asking for leave during this period.

  12. For emergencies, please inform the principal at least 1 day in advance; for sick leave, please inform the principal at least 3 days in advance;

  13. To ask for leave, please inform the principal at least 2 weeks in advance; for leave more than two weeks, please inform the principal at least three weeks in advance to arrange replaced teacher. If it is determined before the start of the new semester that 4 weeks or more will be taken during the next semester, it must be notified 2 weeks before the start of the semester. The new semester will be replaced by a new teacher. Whether to take classes afterward will be arranged separately according to the course conditions.

  14. Be late

  15. As a teacher’s professional ethics, we must resolutely prevent being late. If there is an accident, such as a traffic accident, you must notify the campus immediately. The principal is responsible for the teacher to do the emergency treatment.

  16. Course handover

  17. Handover with new teachers and substitute teachers: no longer continue classes or courses need to be replaced by other teachers and need to be handed over. Edit the basic situation of the students and the content of the lectures in Word document, email the teacher and the principal, you can use the phone or WeChat to inform the new teacher. At the same time, it is necessary to communicate well with parents in advance. Class teachers should cooperate actively with the school in order to avoid a negative impact on the school's normal teaching.

  18. If there are teaching reference books or textbooks borrowed from the school and other items related to the school’s teaching, they must be returned in time.

  19. If it has not been returned within two weeks of resignation, the corresponding fee will be deducted from the last remuneration.

  20. Complete the mid-term and final-term student learning feedback forms carefully.

  21. Attend the relevant educational conferences and teaching activities convened by the school on time;

  22. Conscientiously implement the school's duty system, obey the school's curriculum and other work arrangements.

  23. Have professional ethics, avoid using the existing resources of the school to contact the parents of the students privately, and propose suggestions like one-to-one lessons that affect the operation and development of the school.

  24. All students in their class need to get permission from the school and have already registered and paid the fees. Can't violate the safety rules.

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