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Striving for      Excellence

Delivering high-quality education that supports students in

- Preparing their academic pathway

- Adapting to challenges

- Reaching their full potential

Who We Are

Pinnacle Global Academy (PGA) is the first online independent school (ID:

3620) in New Zealand to offer the Pearson Edexcel International Curriculum ,

including Primary, Pre-IGCSE, International GCSE (IGCSE), and International A Level

(IAL) programmes. Students aged 5-17 can experience seamless

pathways through their schooling and can apply to top universities around

the world.

Supported by expert online teaching and learning as well as Pearson Edexcel's

high quality resources, PGA promotes excellence in education and provides

students worldwide with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Pinnacle Global Academy (PGA) is an environment for students to learn and grow, build friendships and successes, and acquire the knowledge to reach their dreams.

We are passionate about providing an exceptional educational experience for every student within a nurturing and encouraging environment.

PGA follows the Pearson International Curriculum as we believe this encourages independent learning, self-reliance and problem-solving. These are essential skills in today’s world. Students become confident, reflective and curious learners ready to embrace the challenges of the future.

All teachers at PGA are highly qualified and experienced educators. They are dedicated to ensuring our students achieve at the highest level success through the delivery of an enriching, student-centered, balanced and structured curriculum.

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Letter from Principal

Our Principal: Helen Robertson

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Professional Teachers




Class Hours


Our academic and extracurricular programmes are designed specifically for students who are passionate about learning and want to engage in meaningful commitment beyond the classroom.

College Student in School Hallway


  • Provides a consistent learning journey and supports students’ progress

  • The progress family includes primary, pre-IGCSE, International GCSE, and International A Level.

  • Based on the latest English National Curriculum, with an international approach.

Outdoor Study Group


In this curious, global and limitless environment, PGA students can see theories come to life in just one corner of their learning playground.

It is encouraged and welcomes to participate in competitions, clubs, and well-being programmes.

Empower our students to be well prepared for the future!

Online Tutorial

Innovative Online Schooling

Integrating new online platforms, software and digital tools into our teaching and formative assessment. Supporting students in the digital age to adjust quickly and easily to onscreen in preparation for the world of tomorrow.

Globally Recognised Qualifications

With more than 3.4 million students studying the qualifications, Pearson Edexcel's suite of qualifications (iPrimary, Pre-iGCSE, IGCSE and IAL) provides students with a seamless learning experience. Pearson qualifications

are accepted and valued by universities around the world.

Graduation Day
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Personalized Learning Journey

PGA provides wide range of subjects and offers flexible learning packages that enable students to follow at their own pace. They can attend virtual classes from anywhere in the world that are delivered by subject experts. Part-time and full-time courses are available to students.

Accurate Learning Report

Combines detailed individual reports and skills map reports for students to provide personal academic evaluations around at every stage of learning.

Financial Report
Math Class

Professional Teachers

All our teachers are registered and qualified. Students can talk to educational experts in specific areas to support them in improving their academic achievement.  

Global Classroom

We provide virtual, interactive classes for students. They can talk to professional and registered teachers and share thoughts with classmates from all over the world. 

Raising Hands
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