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Bebras Challenge

24, March, 2022


What is Bebras Challenge

Welcome to the New Zealand Beaver Challenge 2022!

This challenge tests your logic and computational skills through different types of fun and challenging problems. It is a fun and rewarding challenge that introduces you to computational thinking. It lets you solve problems using your logic and computational thinking skills. Yes, you have them!

Participants DO NOT need any computer programming ability, but the competition helps identify students’ computer programming potential and encourage students to solve real-world problems. 

The challenge is available for five divisions this year:

Castors: Years 4 to 6

Benjamins: Years 7 and 8

Cadets: Years 9 and 10

Juniors: Years 11

Seniors: Years 12 and 13

In 2022, Bebras Challenge will be held online on 24, March, 16:30-17:15 (NZ time). Participants will participate online and the test will take 45 minutes. The highest four age groups get 15 multiple-choice questions and the maximum score is 180. The youngest age group, Castors, get 12 multiple-choice questions and the maximum score is 150. While working on the challenge you can use pen, paper and any calculator you want.

You can visit official resources to prepare it. The registration fee and methods are listed below.

Fee of enter the exam: $20
Bank: ANZ
Name of account: Pinnacle Education Group 
Account: 06-0241-0684634-00
Please make payment with the students' full name + Program name as reference.    

Choose your level

Please note: If you registered after the deadline, the fees will be doubled.

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