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The Chinese course takes the cultivation and strengthening of students' Chinese ability as the teaching goal so as to enhance their future academic development and professional competitiveness. What makes the course outstanding is that:

  • Professional high-quality Chinese education: a unified curriculum which is supported by professional teaching theory, for instance, the course insists that young students should learn Chinese characters instead Pinyin first, because once they know Pinyin, they will reply on Pinyin to learn Chinese, thus ignoring Chinese characters. In addition, it is easy for students to confuse Pinyin with English letters, resulting in misspellings.

  • Excellent teachers: all the teachers have relevant education background and rich teaching experiences and bilingual teaching ability.

  • Fun and exciting teaching methods: the course is designed on the premise of cultivating students ’interest in learning, and it adopts the methods of multimedia teaching, game teaching and group teaching.

  • Various platforms to practice Chinese: Pinnacle provides students with various platforms to comprehensively improve students ’ability to apply Chinese to daily life as well as to inspire and enhance students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese. For example, Pinnacle will occasionally invite famous Chinese artists to New Zealand Chinese Cultural Talent Camp; regularly organize brand activities such as "Chinese Language Skills Public Performance" and "Youth Talent Holiday Camp", as well as various channels of cultural activities during New Zealand Chinese Language Week for students to practice Chinese knowledge and enjoy the happiness and achievements of learning Chinese.

  • Diversified learning tools: New Zealand's only Ting pen, multimedia software and digital reading platform, etc.

  • STEAM teaching philosophy: combine Chinese with other subjects such as art.

"Chinese Education Demonstration School" recognized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.


Art is an integral part of the STEAM educational philosophy. This course provides targeted and personalized guidance to students, and teachers with professional backgrounds will arrange classes according to students’ age and drawing foundation, and by combining their psychological characteristics and learning needs. Students will learn colorful pen drawing, crayon drawing, gouache, Line drawing, hand-made art works and many other contents. Moreover, the course follows the STEAM philosophy and incorporates art with other subjects such as science, mathematics, and English to solve practical problems, such as designing their own garden and other projects so as to enhance students' comprehensive ability. This course perceives and educates students through different methods such as real scene, physical observation, picture language description association, storytelling, inspiration and guidance. In this way, students can be exposed to various artistic techniques and their potential artistic talents can be fully developed. This course can:

  • Cultivate students' observation ability, imagination ability, aesthetic ability, creativity ability and expression ability;

  • Promote the balance of the students’ left and right hemispheres, and promote the growth of students' psychological functions;

  • Enhance students' self-confidence, patience, concentration and perseverance;

  • Relieve the emotions and stress of students through the expression of art and benefit their mental health;

  • In the process of co-creation and cooperation, students' good communication skills and teamwork skills can be improved;

  • Irregularly organize students to participate in various arts and cultural competitions and exchange activities to provide art practice opportunities.

Course Category: Painting and Design

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